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74190 reset at 6 count


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I'm wondering how to reset the the counter back to zero after it reaches 6 on a 74190, of course I am trying to design a digital clock, I have the AND gate pulsing when 2 and 4 go high, but the counter keeps going to 9, and I am assuming that I can figure out the hours from how to reset the minutes... any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Zerospace,

Connect a two input nand gate to Qb and Qc outputs, connect
the output of this nand gate to pin 11 (load). Connect data inputs
Da . . . Dd to gnd.
When the counter reaches "6" it will load four zero's, that's it.



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How can i reset counter at 15? i'm usin 2 or 74ls190
at fifteen, you have bibary 1 1 1 1 so you just need a 4-input AND logic chip. It will go high when you have 15. If the pin you need reset must be low, you can get a 4-input NAND Gate Logic chip SN74HC13.

you can also figure out how to use quad 2-input chips and stack your logic.

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