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I'm trying to find the datasheet for a HP display that has 8 5x7 0.2' tall characters in two pre-attached HP HDSP series pkgs. Each pkg has 12 pins. High efficiency red. The part numbers on it are 72R09626J07 and QDSP-2543, I've looked on google and altavista and havn't found anything. If anyone knows how to use this or where to find the datasheet is would be much appreciated. Thanks in advanced


I can't be sure if this is it or not, but you might try this pinout and this datasheet.
This datasheet has a specific section on interfacing with micros.

1-5: Columns 1-5
6: N/C
7: Data Out
8: Blank
9: Vcc
10: Ck
11: Gnd
12: Data In


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Thanks, that looks similar to what i have, i think mines just a double package so i'll try that out.
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