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555 timer astable/relay


I have another question. I have a 555 timer wired up in astable mode conencted to an led. So when power is applied, the led flashes. I also have a relay wired up to latch, which is connected to a switch, bell and strobe.

It seems that I have mastered how to wire up circuits, but dont how to make them work with relays or somthing, you know what i mean.

I want to use the 555 timer in astable mode to drive the relay on and off.

I herd I can use transisters to do so, but im not sure how.

Heres what I want:

1. When I turn on the switch, the relay latches and also pulses on and off causing the bell connected to the Normally Open part of the relay, to ring on and off.

2. When i reset the switch, the alarm continues too go off until another button is pressed.

In summary, I want the relay to still latch, so it has to be manually reset, but i also want the relay to pulse, so anything connected to the NO (Normally Open) will be turned on and off (led blinking, bell ringing on and off etc...).

Any help such as a schematic as detailed as possible or just explanation would be greatly appreciated.


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