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3KW SR motor Gate driver

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Dear people,

I'm designing power electronics for 3-phase 3KW SR motor by using power MOSFETS of rating 600V. To drive the gates of these MOSFETS, I'm using IR2183 gate drivers, one per each phase.

The DC voltage at the drain of MOSFET is directly from the DC capacitor link which supplies 300VDC.

Although the gate drivers should be in closed loop control system, for simulation purposes I’m using voltage sources for input pulses.

I have provided the circuit diagram and simulation results below. My question is, is this how the output current of an each phase looks like? And do I have to make any more changes to the circuit with higher inductance values (considering motor's inductance would be high)?

Looking forward for your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.gate driver to mosfets.PNG

motor connections.PNG

dr pepper

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I'm not quite sure what your asking, however if your looking to drive more current through a higher inductance then you'll need to increase the Dc bus and lower your Pwm frequency.
Motors are complex loads, the waveform will change depending on the motors speed & load.
Some protection across source & drain would be a good idea, as well as gate overvoltage protection, real world circuits can be very different.
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