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32x8 display

Hi there,

I have tried to find a datasheet for the Okaya Electric Industries display model RU-32-8RDC1-2 (also in this forum), but without any luck. Maybe someone in here has worked with this type of display or a similar type. I have added some pictures of the display. Unfortunately, while the RU-32-8RDC2-2 display has a datasheet, it only has a 26-pin connector, but the RU-32-8RDC1-2 has 34 pins.

Maybe someone has an idea how to interface with it.




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They appear to be different manufacturers driver boards for an eight line Burroughs "Self-scan" display tube.

They were quite common in older machine tool CNC systems, eg. Siemens system 8 and and some versions of the GE Mark Century 1050 as a couple of examples.

I have a couple I've rebuilt for CNCs, but I've never needed interface data - a lot of makers seen to use their own driver boards on the standard plasma panel.

There is some outline info on the principles of the things, here:

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