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3 components?

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Hi all!
I found this old 300bytes external modem, and i took it to get some free parts. When i opened the box i found 3 components that i dont know what they do... heres a pic of them:

On the first one there reads someting like "~Pm 230 32"
On the second "480F-X205"
And on the third "501028" wich i think is the manufacturing date... it looks like some cind of transformer...

BUT if you know what they are plz tell me!



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The third one seems like isolation transformer. No idea about 1st and 2nd.


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i think the first is a diode, an old type of, or it might be small soil..try mesure its resistance.....
about the second, i dont know what it is....i also bought an old ISDN controller and it has 2 things that loog just like it, i searched the net, but couldnt find anything about it.....
the third i'm sure it is a transformer, old modems uesd thme for insulation, most like a telephone uses them, new ones have other type of separation methods and protection....
ill search the net and c what i can find.....


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Telephone Line Protection

I am sure the first component is a Varistor - it will seem open-circuit until it sees some high voltage across it (maybe 100v ?) when it becomes a near short.

It will be directly across the incoming telephone lines and provides lightning protection to the equipment. These things are now built into (UK) telephone master sockets so plug-in gear no longer requires them as the socket does the protection.

The second might be a low-pass filter but could be more line protection.

The third, I agree, is a line transformer.
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