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2 second delay start up

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I have a compatability problem with a power supply and my graphics card. Due to excessive inrush (so I have read and been told), my pc will not start unless i remove the graphics cards power cable, then press the start button on the pc and then reconnect the power cable within about 2 seconds.
Currently I have put a switch on the 5v rail as an interim workaround but it is a real nuisance and not exactly child friendly
Is there a way to put a relay ( or something) in line with the graphics card so it can only draw current after say 1 second after the pc power button has been pressed.
If anyone responds I would be grateful.


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Sounds like you could use a hot swap controller. Here is a link to a Maxim part. They have others that you can find on their web site. Maxim, Linear Technology, Analog devices, etc., all have them. You might want to do a Google search for "hot swap controller".


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just a thought

perhaps a simple RC circuit, with a timing constant of about 2 seconds? The only problem will be using a resistor small enough where there isn't too much drop - this in turn may create cooling problem, because you'll be dissipating a lot of power.
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