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2 HP Generator makes no electricity???


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Someone gave me a none working generator is suddenly stopped making electricity, Tail Gator. 600 to 900 watt, 6.5 max amps from Harbor Freight. I read about this generator online it is a brush-less generator. Looking into the end of the generator with a flash light I see 3 windings on the armature and no brushes. Wires are not burned or damaged.

Online info says, coils are wound then both ends of the wires are connected to each other. There are a few small magnets in the armature when armature spins the magnets produce a small amount of electricity just enough electricity to make coils in the armature become electro magnets this has a mushroom effect causing a larger magnet field making the generator start producing full power.

I found a wire to the capacitor was burned off so I repaired it with a new terminal for the capacitor. The capacitor has gotten hot it melted the plastic in a small spot near the terminal. Bad wire arcing the terminal probably make it get hot. Capacitor tests good on my meter.

I have about 35 motor run capacitors. I picked out 5 the correct value they all test good but when connected to the generator it still produces no electricity. When I say no electricity I mean not 600 watts. Generator makes enough power to make a 60 watt filament light bulbs flicker a orange color about 60v with less than 1 amp but no power to run an electric drill or other items like it should.

Online information claims the energizing magnets have lost their power the fix for this is to plug in an electric drill or hand grinder then spin the motor backwards by hand to generator electricity to the generator this will produce a magnet field to start it generator working again. This does not work and a dozen YouTube videos people claiming it does not work for them either.

I tested all the wires, circuit breaker, outlet, capacitor, 2 wired to generator meter reads wire resistance of the coils, I find nothing wrong. I have a bunch of rare earth N52 magnets I stuck them on the outside of the generator body, moved them to different places several time, that does nothing, I did not expect it world.

Anyone have an idea???
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You can check how strong are the magnets on the shaft.
I tried that. Piston engine compression is stronger than a few tiny rear earth magnets. I removed spark plug, generator turns free, all I feel is piston going up/down.
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I wish I could check RPM motor sounds like it is running slow. No way to get to crankshaft on either end.

Meter shows 18V. If I hold throttle wide open meter shows 60 volts.

I took the generator apart there is nothing wrong inside. Generator has 2 windings on the rotor with no brushes. Stator has 2 windings also. That means the engine has to run 3600 RPMs to make 60 HZ.

I reassembled generator and started motor it runs idle speed. I plugged a 100 watt light bulb into the outlet then pushed throttle wide open. Motor ran fast about 15 seconds suddenly light bulb light up full power a few seconds then dim, then bright again then dim, then light came on bright and stayed bright. I'm not sure what happened but generator seems to work good now. The governer is not working for some reason. It seem speed control is the only problem now.
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