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2.4 transmitter circuit help

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Hi everybody..

I want to build a 2.4ghz transmitter since my one just got burn(excidently burn while trying to extend the antenna length-thinking of to extend the range :? ). I still having the receiver with tuning knob on it and still working fine, but I just need the transmitter since the unit doesn't sold saperately...
I use the transmitter for aerial photography(video) and the set I use is powered by 9v batt. Power output is approx 50mW(as per the spec) and i tried looking for a circuit which can boost up to 800mW(can go to 1 mile...)
I hope that anyone of you have a simple circuit diagram for one that is will work properly..

I want it as soon as possible ... if anyone can provide me with one,if possible with the pcb layout. My module looks similar to the pic shown but I dunno anything what the curcuit is, and can't even duplicate it :(

Thanks a lot...



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There are many circuits for transmitters available on the internet.
You will of course need more than a circuit.
You will need to get the components,
and the expertise to put it together.

I think you may find it easier to buy a replacement(pair).
Possibly a slightly higher rated pair.

Regards, John :)
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