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1uH Inductor in a 1/4W Reisitor Thru Hole

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I'm trying to convert our filtering scheme from thruhole 4 pin filter (ZJKD5103-15-01) Datasheet: http://www.myjkj.com/pdf/e9644_zjk.pdf to discrete components. So, I replicated the design in SPICE and have acheived the exact attenuation vs. frequency plot. I found the inductor to be 1uH. I verfied this in SPICE and I took the actual filter, put a frequency through it and verfied that at the specified frequency I got the expected reactance for a 1uH.

My problem is now I can't find a 1uH inductor that is about the size of a 1/4W thruhole resistor. I"m looking for at least an Amp of current.(used on power rails coming into a military keybaord). Everything I have found is HUGE. Body length is like half an inch. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong? Current technology is capable of having an inductor with such a current rating? At least I would think so.



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try falco. i have some samples of their T02509 inductor - it looks like it would fit in a 1/4 through hole location. Go here:

Falco Electronics

to the bottom of the page and bring up the pdf datasheet for the TTIC0704 Series inductors. None of them are exactly 1uH, but they are pretty close and cane easily handle 1A.
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