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12volt Power Supply ?

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I am trying to build a simple power supply for a diy project, it consists of an i2c 4 x 20 display, a pic 16f1824 and a 5 volt songle relay, I have built an LM2567 -5 3amp 5v supply which I can run off a 12 volt battery detailed here:


and attached it to my breadboard but when I start it up it powers everything but when the relay kicks in the display goes dim, could this be because I am using a breadboard with long loose wires everywhere ? or should I be using a different power supply ? as ever any information is greatly appreciated.

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That Coil should be OK, so not sure What your problem is.
Possibly ADD a Better Filtering Cap on your 5 Volts. Another 1000 or 2200uF cap.
Does your relay coil have Diode protection?


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Did follow the basic layout shown in Figure 26 in the data sheet, with the components showing the heavy leads directly connected to the IC pins?
That circuit will not work well if you are using a solder-less, plug-in breadboard.

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Too low a current rating choke is a common problem when building a switching supply, but the one you show ought to be Ok for 3a of input current.
I've had all kinds of issues with smps's made on breadboards, it could well be your problem, try putting the circuit on a bit of protoboard, and solder reasonable guage copper wire to the end rows to act as ground & power rails.
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