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100Hz flickering light causes problem for CCTV?

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Supposing there is a LED streetlight which flickers as in the attached. (that’s actually the light output, not a voltage). As you can see the light output actually goes to zero every 10ms.

Will this cause a problem for CCTV cameras at night ?
Will this cause a problem for Number plate recognition cameras at night?
Will this cause a problem for police dash-cams at night?
Supposing if the exposure time is 1ms, and it takes 1 picture per second, then surely in theory the images could all be black?



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The light output from an unsmoothed LED light will have significant periods when it is off. There will be a minimum voltage needed to light the LED and the full wave rectified sine wave will be below that for some time. The

The flicker can cause problems with cameras. Number plate recognition often uses a synchronised flash, as number plates are retro-reflective, so that is more likely to work.
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