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  1. I

    Zvs 1000 watt induction heater not working

    I purchased a 1000watt induction heater Assembled it but still not working I am giving it a 48 v DC supply of 30 amp The resistors are only heating even exhaust fan also not rotating At start it rotates 1 second and goes off The red led countinous glowing But the heating is not happening...
  2. mading2018

    ZVS - LTspice?

    Is ZVS (zero voltage switching) possible in LTspice? :) In that case? How do I implement that in the simulation? Do I need special transistors that is not included in LTspice I imagine... What I understand, compared to hard switching, ZVS (soft switching) make sure to to reduce the turn ON...
  3. J

    Will one of these new ZVS heating coil drivers drive a flyback transformer to generate HV

    http://www.aliexpress.com/item/5v-12v-ZVS-Induction-Heating-Power-Supply-Tesla-Driver-Board-Module-Coil-New/32619428560.html I know roughly how they work, and i also know that ZVS type circuits exist for flyback transformer drivers, the kind that use TV transformers to generate high voltage, i...

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