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  1. EvilGenius

    Bullet-Time, Matrix Rain, Slow-Mo and Spiral FX by Multiplexing WS2811 with a Microcontroller!

    Hello Here is another clever circuit that will create cool effects for a large array of smart pixels. Objective: Low cost circuitry Easy to built and implement No fancy bitbanging and worrying about timing constrains Utilize any WS2811 based controller for RGB Lighting (Single Wire SPI) Be able...
  2. EvilGenius

    Converting 12V Dumb RGB Lights to Intelligent Nodes (WS2811) 20ma-400ma

    Objective: This circuit converts a 12V common anode biased RGB (or single color) module to a smart node with simple and low cost components. Interface allows color control of individual RGB modules and control of many pixels via common WS2811 based controllers. (512 colors) The 4-wire RGB+...

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