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  1. A

    Headset Fix Internal Wiring Question

    I'm trying to fix my headset(left side) and I don't understand how the wiring works. Can anyone help me which color of the wire should I connect the board(AG, R, B, G, R, V). I tried to research it but I'm really confused. Thank you!
  2. P

    Switching from 6 to 3 apa106 leds - issues

    Hi Everyone! I have reached a point of semi-desperation with a project on which I am working for over a year now. There is one issue I doesn't seem to be able to fix. I have a nixie clock pcb which drives 6 apa106 rgb leds. I am trying to wire it up to be able to turn off three of these leds...
  3. T

    Controlling the speed of DC motor using a PC

    Hi, I am looking for help with the wiring involved with controlling the speed of a motor on LabVIEW through a PC rather than changing it manually on my motor control card. I currently have the motor running in both CW and ACW directions using LabVIEW. I know I must desolder the potentiometers...
  4. A

    Upgrading Old Fuse Box

    Hi guys, I am looking for some electrical help on how to add a secondary fusebox to my car. I have a 1989 Maserati 430, these era cars came out of the factory with underpowered fuseboxes prone to over heating. Well, my box was toast when I bought the car and now that ive had the car a few months...
  5. J

    RJ12(?) to 3.5mm

    Hi, real beginner here... I'm looking to convert a 6-pin LAN-style connector (is that 6P6C? RJ12?) to 3.5mm audio jack to connect an amp to speakers etc. I've attached photos so you can see what I'm talking about, but the pin colour from 1-6 is: blue, yellow, green, red, black and white. I have...
  6. J

    Wiring for Power Window Relays

    I am attaching a diagram of how I have wired the driver side window with relays. The problem is that although the relays are clicking when a ground is applied to pin 85, the windows are not moving. I previously wired power windows and I believe I used the same setup as shown in the attached...
  7. S

    Linking a drone camera to LCD glasses

    I have a small drone camera that I'm trying to link to a set of LCD glasses, thus creating night vision glasses. Only downside is that I'm a complete novice to electronics, and have no idea how to attach the two. Images: https://imgur.com/a/aIFPS Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  8. throbscottle


    Inspiration for us all, I think... Maybe someone can translate the subtitles?
  9. F

    Servo Motor Help

    Hey Guys, im making my own tilt servo bracket similar to the one in the picture attached, as part of a school project for an adjustable wing for my whole miniature go kart, but it is due in a few days and i do not own a servo controller/tester or have the time to buy one in time. So im thinking...

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