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  1. C

    Midi controller / DAC interface not recognised (Device descriptor request failed).

    I have an EKS XP10 midi controller with a Burr Brown DAC. When plugging in the controller it isn't being recognised by Windows. I have two more of the same controllers. Only this one has this problem. I have checked and confirm there is steady 5v across legs 1 and 4 of USB socket on the...
  2. A

    Upgrading Old Fuse Box

    Hi guys, I am looking for some electrical help on how to add a secondary fusebox to my car. I have a 1989 Maserati 430, these era cars came out of the factory with underpowered fuseboxes prone to over heating. Well, my box was toast when I bought the car and now that ive had the car a few months...
  3. MikeMl

    Windows 7 question: Activating Office2003?

    I have Win 7 without Office. I would like to try AutoEZ and ZPlots. If I buy a "used" version of Office 2003 via EBay, can it be "activated" after I install it on my computer considering that it likely was previously "activated" on some other computer? In other words, does the previous...
  4. R

    Usb or bluetooth accelerometer

    Hi everyone, I am new to electronics. I know just enough to understand how things can work together and a limited understanding of circuit boards and how things work. I can remove and replace parts on boards but i need help. I have a project that has been bugging me for years, yes years... I...

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