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  1. A

    How to amplify Feeltech FY2300 function generator's output to 50 watts RMS minimum for 30KHz Square wave

    I Am working on a project that requires at least 50 watts RMS and a 30KHz Square Wave. I will dedicate a Feeltech FY2300 function generator for the signal source. I'd like to be able to get 100 watts RMS if possible but will settle for 50 watts RMS for now. If it is cheaper and simpler then a...
  2. Clarkdale44

    Should i buy Watt Meter (aka killawatt) or regular Clamp on meter to determine the device wattage?

    Hello As the title says i need to know what should i buy? which one would give me the most accurate reading? I want to know how much power my appliances consumes, tv, washing machine etc.... Also i need to buy a new ups for my PC so just wants to know how much power my pc eats. I have a 500W...

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