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voltage output

  1. C

    Voltage Division Question

    Hi guys, I'm working on a problem here where I believe one of the steps uses voltage division to find the voltage across the 10ohm resistor. However, that's not how the solution found the voltage across the 10ohm resistor. I was trying to find the voltage across the 40ohm resistor first and...
  2. mading2018

    DC/DC converter - change the output current?

    I think the output current I get from the DC/DC converter is way too low, it should be at least 6-8 A, not in mA that I got. I think the resistor that I have in the end of the converter is needed in order to obtain 400 V. Do anyone have any suggestion what could be the problem? I found a...
  3. F

    12v output or 24v output???

    Likely a silly question for the rest of you, but something I need to know and don't know now. Working with a 12 volt automotive system, if you were to tie into EACH of the two brake light power supplies (right side and left side - perhaps about 6 inches back from the actual brake light...

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