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    Monitor the free fall detection and calculate gravitational force

    I am using the accelerometer to detect the vibration but at the same time, I need to test the free-fall detection using wireless sensor with Arduino https://store.ncd.io/product/mma7660fc-3-axis-orientationmotion-detection-sensor-%C2%B11-5-g-accelerometer-i2c-mini-module/ and perform some...
  2. M

    Optical sensor

    Hi, I am looking at designing a piece of equipment that will reduce the vibration in a small scale RC Helicopter. For this I am looking to measure the phase of the helicopter and the dc motor I will be using as the shaker. To then ensure the motor is 180 degrees out of phase with the helicopter...
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    helicopter vibration

    Good morning, i am currently attempting a university module looking at reducing vibration in a helicopter. i have access to a "model" puma helicopter that is used to record and change track and balance of the Main and tail rotor blades, i am looking at attaching a tachometer to calculate the...

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