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    Upgrading antique automotive heater components

    Hello, I hope this isn't too far outside this forum's usual fare. My pride and joy is a 1959 Morris Minor. As you can imagine, it has a pretty simple electrical system composed of mechanical relays and such, and usually I have no trouble working on it. However, I'm homebrewing some upgrades to...
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    Breath Controller with 3.5mm Jack to make 0 - 5 V Variable voltage (Control Voltage) on 6.5mm Jack

    I am a beginner and wish to tackle this project... I have an old Yamaha breath controller device that has a 3.5mm Jack and requires -9v on the tip (the sleeve is positive). It draws a current of approx 7mA to 20mA depending on how hard you blow it (from what I have managed to research but may...
  3. R

    Variable input/Variable output frequency divider

    Qualifications: I've fixed a few electronic devices, not fixed many more. Never built anything from scratch. Know one component from another, with vague-to-reasonable understanding of them. I need to build a device that converts a variable-frequency 5V/50% duty cycle square wave to the same...

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