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  1. simrantogether

    my new 'Arduino -uno ' kit

    hello everyone... I've just bought one 'Arduino - uno' kit for myself .... I am a beginner in this field... I've not even opened the seal of that kit.. I have two questions: 1. do i need a separate power supply for this board (kit) ... or the data cable (with usb) is enough to power this.! 2...
  2. A

    An audio amplifier for beginners

    Hey guys I just uploaded my tutorial on how to build a simple audio amplifier using an LM386 chip. When using the maximum supply voltage it can reach a power output of roughly 1 watt. Hope you find it useful. Schematic <Mod edit: If you have something to share, please post it here. Do not...
  3. S

    Raspberry Pi: magazine and data, free download

    For those who are interested in the Raspberry Pi here is a link to the MagPi magazine and tutorials which can be downloaded gratis: https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/issues/ spec

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