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  1. JulesP

    Splitting and rejoining ferrite cores

    I'm planning on constructing a step-up transformer using a circular ferrite core (see pic) and wondered if it's feasible to cut it into two semi-circles (which will lose some material) to make it easier to wind the 100 and 300 turns and then to glue it back together? I appreciate that it...
  2. S

    Permeability of MPP core, would this work?

    Hi, I am going to wind a toroid inductor for this circuit, but would a high permeability core of this type have any downsides? And is 34 AWG wire fine for this? Info on core: Core type MPP OD 39.90 mm ID 24.1 mm HT 14.5 mm AL value: 740 +/- 8% (nH) MPP Permeability: 550 (μ) Wire gauge: 34 AWG...
  3. R

    Toroid selection

    Hello, I have seen numerous Youtube videos on super high voltage Joule Thief projects. They are using small one inch ferrite toroids and from single 1.5 volt AA battery power a 3-5 watt 110-220 volt cree LED brightly consuming merely 200 mA of current from the battery! The following link will...

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