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  1. dcwatson84

    Electric components to toggle DC motor polarity

    First off - this project is all about automation, so im looking to have it run with no manual intervention except for initial setup, and im pretty new to working with electrical relays. I have a DC motor that triggers it's own mechanical switch to reverse it's direction. I have an electronic...
  2. C

    Fire Alarm Code Help

    Need help with the following Homework assignment… Design a fire alarm system using a 8051 microcontroller. The specs are as follows: A) If the alarm is detected (one of the switches is activated) it should start flashing 4 LEDS (4 on the right (LEDS 1-4) and 4 on the left (LEDS 5-8)...
  3. Ajith Gopi

    Close circuit on click

    I'm new to electronics and I wanna make a circuit that will start continues connection to another circuit on pulse. In long, If the current circuit gets a pulse, an led (suppose) will glow and will not turn off until the battery is disconnected. I'm planning to make a laser-ldr alarm and don't...

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