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    Problem trying to send several bytes using I2C, TM4C123 biard

    Hi all, I am asking for your help because I am trying to send several bytes using the I2C protocol in a program wich makes use of 2 I2C modules, and looks that it gets stuck after sending the first byte when checking the BUSY bit in I2CMCS. The board I am programming is the TM4C123GH6PM. Here...
  2. J

    Problem implementing the touch interface part of a RA8875 LCD touch display

    Hi all, I am programming a 5 inch display bought in buydisplay (https://www.buydisplay.com/5-inch-tft-lcd-module-800x480-display-controller-i2c-serial-spi) which has a RA8875 chip and a capacitive touch panel (both use the I2C protocol), and even though I have been able to write text for...

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