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  1. A

    fire alaram sound using PIC16F886

    I am coding on pIC16F886 IC. I am trying to generate Fire alarm siren with PWMsignal . I have few questions as below. I copied code from Example code My spaker circuit look like this video , I am sending PWM pulses instead of audio Input mosfet circuit I could able to produce based on PWM...
  2. granddad

    PIC24 Timer1 not counting , but is now.

    This is a snippet of start up code for a PIC24EP256MC204 project I have been working on....( FRC oscillator switching to FRC+PLL). it works fine.... until I wanted to count seconds from a DS1338 .. I found out a couple of hours ago, it stops Timer 1 from counting using the T1CK input pin … This...
  3. D

    how i can use Interuption in program

    hi everyone , i have a problems about interuption in AVR atmega, i trying to solve a problems is Turn led with two buttons bt1 in pd2 (int0) bt2 in pd3 (int1) LED must be Eteine if it exceeds 20s staying on, for that you need to configure a temp basis interupption for each 1s and realize a...

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