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timer switch

  1. Cribey

    4 x manual set timer for pump control

    Hi All, Total Newb here in respects, but have soldered boards before and have an extremely basic understanding of electronics. I am would like to design a pump timer with 4 separate settable pot timers; 1 timer On for X seconds 1 timer On for Y seconds 1 timer On for A seconds 1 timer On for...
  2. E

    toy swiches on, moves 30 s, then auto off. How do I auto switch it back on after 30 seconds.

    Sorry if this is too beginner for this forum, this is my first attempt at designing a solution for an electronics circuit. I have the dancing gopher from Caddy Shack, which switches on from a push toggle button, and runs two 3 volt battery powered electric motors which make the item dance. The...
  3. K

    Reverse polarity switch hooked to timer switch -help for novice

    I know this is probably very basic, so I apologize up front for my lack of knowledge. I am planning on building a small sliding door (for a chicken coop) that will be moved up and down via use of a power antenna attached to the door. When power is applied to the antenna, the door will open...

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