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  1. Matienzo

    How to properly power a heating element to stay within a range?

    Hello everyone! The title pretty much says it. I'm using two heating elements to heat up a vessel of about 4 in^3 and this is the way I'm thinking about doing it. (senior ME student here so please easy with the jargon) So here is the way I'm wiring the thingy: The problem with this setup...
  2. polprog

    Making a thermocouple thermometer with AVRs

    Hi everybody, I recently started to make amateur EE videos. Can you tell me what do you think? Thanks, Chris
  3. Matienzo

    7 segment 3 digit Temp Display

    Hello again, I'm working on a project to display the temperature of a thermocouple (I ordered the amplifier already) on a 3 digit 7 segment display, but I've never done it and I cant make much sense of what there is on the internet. Ideally I would like to use an arduino mini or nano (I...

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