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  1. E

    Developing an automated tester for electronic drive lines

    Hello everyone, I'm a graduating Elektrical Engineering student, for my last year project I have to develop an prototype for an automated testsystem for electronic drive lines. I started this thread to get help and tips about building this system. First of all , I should make some dynamic...
  2. T

    Transistor tester won't start self test mode

    I've got a transistor tester 1.12k version and it says it's not calibrated. When I connect the 3 different pins together it asks if I want to run self test mode. I press the button within 2 seconds (as the manual suggests) but instead of calibration menu it just makes a single test and displays...
  3. ElectronsFlow

    Anyone have a schematic for a Constant Current DC load tester?

    Hi everyone, I've been surfing the web trying to find a schematic for a constant current DC load tester for use with a battery bank (48VDC) Ideally something that can handle 50amps or more would be fantastic! So far I've only found either low current or useless schematics online with nothing...

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