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tesla coil

  1. E

    Safety guards for my Tesla coil project

    I want to make a Tesla coil for my school project and because ı dont want to die ı need some kind of safety ı have something in my mind like grounded aliminium foil gloves or electric-taping every exposed wiring but need advices from experienced people.
  2. U

    Question concerning choice of NST for Spark Gap Tesla Coil

    I have been designing a spark gap tesla coil, so far trying to use what I have to save cost. I currently have a solid-state NST and I have read that they don't perform properly for Tesla coil applications (I imagine sudden current draws create back emf that is bad for the transistors?). I have...
  3. Jesus Rodriguez

    Solid State Tesla Coil Burning IGBTs

    Hi, I replicated the one tesla circuit for a dual resonant tesla coil, followed all the instructions of how to assemble the circuit and how to wind the coils, when I decided to test it first i connected the input to a 48v 5A transformers to be sure all the connections were right and it turned...
  4. E

    My first tesla coil build

    I've built my first-ever Tesla coil as a project and documented findings along the way here: https://siliconjunction.wordpress.com/2017/02/20/my-first-tesla-coil-slayer-version/ I'd really appreciate any suggestions on how to improve the circuit or writing Thanks a lot for your time Matt
  5. N

    Tesla Coil Primary and Seconday

    I must first apologize in the event I am breaking any forum rules with this question. I have been working on a rotary spark gap tesla coil for a few weeks and have stumbled upon the question of: does it matter if the secondary and primary coils are wound in like or opposing directions? By that...

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