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  1. daniela18

    Electronic Circuit -Help :D

    Hello, My name is Daniela, I'm student and I need help to anyone who can help me :D Project goal: Control the temperature inside a closed chamber I need help to connect the all components and I don't know how because I'm new in this . I don't know how to amplify and to maintain the current...
  2. mading2018

    Measure temperature and power losses?

    I know that it is possible to measure the power dissipation in LTspice according to this source: "To measure the wattage dissipation of a component , place the cursor on the components and press and hold down the ALT key, a thermometer cursor should appear. Read the Watts on the bottom screen...
  3. DGM

    Details of the simulated dissipation constant in thermistor spice model

    I'm working on a project involving the simulation of NTC thermistors both in LTSpice and my own optimization scripts in Matlab. In the process of debugging, I noticed that LTSpice was producing unexpected behavior for a circuit I'd put together. The circuit in question is a thermal anemometer...
  4. Clarkdale44

    Inrush current limiter... How to do it?

    Hello... I have an DC to AC inverter, which is capable of outputting 600 Watts at margin. I have a few inductive loads that causes the inverter to overload and restart (after restart the load works fine). Although it only takes 1 second approx but still it's annoying... My inverter can run all...

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