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    MIDI input circuit to trigger 'analog synth voices'

    Sincere apologies for any ignorance I'm about to display, I'm more an artist than an engineer. If I am building a synthesizer which has multiple relaxation transistor oscillators all going into one output, running off of 9v, how I would I look into combining a MIDI input so you could control...
  2. N

    Circuit bricks Nano (power supply)

    Hi, I am making a module for a DIY modular synthesizer. The module applies an ADSR-envelope to an audio signal using a 10K MPC41010 digital potentiometer. I suspect, I made an error in the circuit, since I now have 2 Nano's which will not power on from USB (pwr led flashes a few times and then...
  3. J

    opinions wanted please: how should I retrofit an analog synthesizer to be computer controlled.

    Hi! I would like some opinions please if you dont mind. I have one of those new, small analog synthesizers (Behringer Model D). It has a bunch of potentiometers, and switches, etc. to control the sound manually with hands/fingers. In my dream, I want to be able to control the sound...
  4. N

    Breath Controller with 3.5mm Jack to make 0 - 5 V Variable voltage (Control Voltage) on 6.5mm Jack

    I am a beginner and wish to tackle this project... I have an old Yamaha breath controller device that has a 3.5mm Jack and requires -9v on the tip (the sleeve is positive). It draws a current of approx 7mA to 20mA depending on how hard you blow it (from what I have managed to research but may...
  5. C

    CD40106 Schmitt trigger not working

    I have recently been attempting to delve into the world of electronics and have been trying to build a very basic oscillator using the CD40106 chip. I have set up the circuit as follows: 9v to pin 14 pin 7 to ground 1 microfarad capacitor from pin 1 to ground 100k ohm potentiometer between pin...

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