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switching regulated power supply

  1. sr13579

    SMPS is bouncing while connected with Peltier Cooler

    I have a peltier cooler TEC1-12706. I used an SMPS which can give 12 Volt and 20 Ampere. While I am connecting the peltier and cooling fan(Parallel) the cooling fan is bouncing along with the smps(It seems like smps is restarting). I assume people will say the smps is damaged. But it is working...
  2. hesam_m

    How to make a variable step-down DC to DC converter using TPS54331

    Almost in any circuit design, building at least one regulation stage is necessary. Two power supply design options are available, which are linear and switching. The linear regulators are easy to build but inefficient, especially when there is a high difference between the input voltage and the...
  3. GromTag

    LDO MIC5156 pre external supply linear regulator oscillation for FET VP drive

    There are cheap supplies available, I just wanted to build my own switching type via simple means, ex, Meanwell USA RS-35-12 for example.... such as cost vs unknown performance via noise. Building my own has shown astounding operational use, tho the primary seperation regulator stage is...

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