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  1. N

    Powering 120mm PC RGB fans from the mains

    Hello all, I hope everyone is having a wonderful May! Just a quick question/project I was hoping someone wouldn’t mind lending some of their thoughts on, please. So I’ve a couple of; 12v 4 pin RGB 120mm PC fans that I would like to install in my networking cabinet. One of the cables on the...
  2. the7deadlymoods

    DC Current Ratings for AC Switch

    Hello all, I am working on a ROV (Robot) for underwater missions. I need a beefy switch for main power distribution, which should be able to handle at least 25 Amps. My current choice is this Rotary Switch: https://amzn.to/2ukEgs2 According to the seller its rated for 10 Amps at 440...
  3. mading2018

    AC/DC converter + Totem-Pole

    Hello, I used the LT8312 PFC controller to controlling the switches, but somehow the switches seems not to operating in the bridge, only the diodes. Do anyone know what could be the problem why the switches do not operate? And how do I change the switching frequency to 150 kHz? I think that I...

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