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  1. Wond3rboy

    STM32F4 Discovery and Pl2303 combination for UART

    Hello I was wanted to perform UART communication using the STM32F4 discovery and the PL2303 USB to TTL converter. However, since the PL2303 works with 5V logic (and I don't have the soldering skills to change pin 4s voltage by the way). Given that the STM32F4s pins are 5V tolerant, should I try...
  2. O

    STM32f429 DISC1 ADC interrupts not working

    OS: Windows 10 64-bit. Software: Workbench Version: Mars.2 Release (4.5.2) Build id: 20160218-0600 Board: STM32F429 DISC1 Libraries: Standard Peripheral Hi, I'm trying to use the ADC on my board in interrupt mode (as opossed to polling mode). The goal is to be able to...

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