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  1. DGM

    Details of the simulated dissipation constant in thermistor spice model

    I'm working on a project involving the simulation of NTC thermistors both in LTSpice and my own optimization scripts in Matlab. In the process of debugging, I noticed that LTSpice was producing unexpected behavior for a circuit I'd put together. The circuit in question is a thermal anemometer...
  2. sr13579

    Help me understand what is happening with my NGSPICE coding..

    The thing is, I am confused with rawfile and .print card (spice.out file). There are like 3 options for rawfile generation: NONE,COMPACT and ACCURATE. While I am using NONE with the .print card the result is going inside a .out file without generating a rawfile. But when I am using ACCURATE or...
  3. alec_t

    LTspice model for CD4060B 14-stage binary clock/counter

    Attached are LTspice simulation model files I made for this popular IC. The model is not a stand-alone one; it requires use of input filter and output driver models found in the CD4000.lib and CD4000_v.lib libraries freely downloadable from the Yahoo LTspice User Group. The model is a...

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