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  1. V

    Ultra low power consumption 256Mb SPI memory for MCU

    Hello, I'm new to this topic, so please bear with me. I'm trying to come up with a prototype which will be writing ~70kB/sec of data using ultra low-power MCU (well, that's that idea). The amount of data is up to 256 Mb. I googled and the best I found is Macronix products, for example - this...
  2. V

    Choice of ADC for raspberry pi

    Hello, I have a circuit that produces a square wave (can be varying duty cycle) with a maximum frequency of 1 KHz. I wanted to measure the signal through a ADC and feed it back to a raspberry pi to plot the data ( monitoring feature). what should be the frequency sample I need to try and...
  3. L

    SPI Communication with a LIS2DE12 Accelerometer

    Hi! I am trying to establish a SPI communication with an LIS2DE12 accelerometer. First, I would like to say that I have checked phase, polarity, msbFirst and CS. I am using an EM9304 as the master of the communication, and the spi clock frequency is aproppriated. Writing or reading from the...
  4. N

    Microcontroller interfacing with NAND flash memory

    Hello, I am working with TOSHIBAs NAND flash memory. I am using standard SPI protocol to communicate with it. The datasheet is in the link below. I am trying to understand and solve two problems: 1. I do not understand what exactly is the column address of a NAND flash memory. On page 4 of the...
  5. N

    Problem with Interfacing MCP2515 CAN Controller and PIC18F4520

    Hi, guys I'm working with MCP2515 CAN Module and PIC18F series.I write a single byte data and read it back using SPI Protocol. But I am unable to receive any data back. here i have posted the code please check it and help me. i connected two MCP2525 modules , so I think there is no problem with...
  6. N

    Doubt Regarding Interrupts In PIC Microcontroller

    Hi Guys, I have a doubt regarding PIC Interrupts, I am using PIC16F887 I am Using Timer in Interrupt which Blink an LED for Approx 180 ms, and Sends Data through SPI when Certain condition occur, Lets say when i am sending data in SPI and Interrupt occurs what will happen to data that is being...
  7. V

    Can't get MFRC522 (RFID) to work with PIC18F452 and SPI bus

    I don't know where to ask but I was wondering if someone here has worked with it and could give some idea. Hope so. A module ( MFRC522 ): Schematic: An MCU ( PIC18F452 ) is powered with 5V, module is powered from 5V(DC) -> 3.3V(DC) converter and all logic pins ( SS(SDA), SCK, MOSI, MISO...
  8. Lord_Nikon

    Help Please! 8x8 RGB LED Matrix with MAX 7219 and Arduino

    Hello all, I'm in the beginning stages of a project and am just learning how to use an Arduino Uno with a MAX7219 driver with an 8x8 LED RGB Matrix. I'm using someone's source code to just get a basic understanding of how to put all these pieces together and will then modify it as I need to...
  9. EvilGenius

    Bullet-Time, Matrix Rain, Slow-Mo and Spiral FX by Multiplexing WS2811 with a Microcontroller!

    Hello Here is another clever circuit that will create cool effects for a large array of smart pixels. Objective: Low cost circuitry Easy to built and implement No fancy bitbanging and worrying about timing constrains Utilize any WS2811 based controller for RGB Lighting (Single Wire SPI) Be able...
  10. EvilGenius

    Converting 12V Dumb RGB Lights to Intelligent Nodes (WS2811) 20ma-400ma

    Objective: This circuit converts a 12V common anode biased RGB (or single color) module to a smart node with simple and low cost components. Interface allows color control of individual RGB modules and control of many pixels via common WS2811 based controllers. (512 colors) The 4-wire RGB+...
  11. Mity Eltu

    SD Card and SPI Communications

    OK. I have just spent the better part of the day banging on this project and have found something that is either really irritating and incredibly frustrating or is a serious problem for oshonsoft, or I may just be an idiot and need help. This is the story... 18F4520, 8MHz internal osc. LCD...

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