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spectrum analysis

  1. Holes Flow

    How to trigger my DS1054Z with a DG1022Z sweep?

    Experts, Objective/Goal: I have these 2 critters, and I want to use the scope as a poor-man's SA for just audio (up to 20kHz). Desired: I will set up a sine sweep on the DG, and feed it to the DS. But I want the scope to trigger on the start (lowest freq) of the sweep each time. This way, I...
  2. S

    Detecting Source of RF

    Hi , I detected one radio source at 2.4 GHz which is not Wi-Fi,bluetooth,microwave,dect phone. This source really unique. I need help on how find the source of the signal : 1. Using SA with directional antenna 2, lets say, if the source comes from satellite , how do we use SA. can we get...
  3. electronicsfreak

    Frequency Analysis Fun, Low-end "Noise"

    So, For a hobby project, I'm making a spectrum analyzer using an 8 bit datapath in a MCU. I wanted to learn more about how the FFT/FHT works, so I am taking a stab at my own attempt at both an FFT and FHT. I have both an 8bit forced datapath FFT and FHT "working" in python, and it's...

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