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  1. F

    Is there a way to simulate speaker output from Thiele-Small parameters?

    I need to create a simulation of an ideal speaker output. My professor advised me to use Thiele-Small parameters to do it. However, I have only been able to simulate impedance simulation of the speaker. Do you know a way to simulate actual sound pressure output?
  2. learning

    Could you tell me the full name of these acoustic terms?

    Could you tell me the full name of these acoustic terms: fs: fc: Vas: Qes: Qms: Qts: Qtc: Vb: EBP:
  3. S

    Salvaging an older Fischer Stereo

    I'm Kody, a new electronics hobbyist (complete random urge to become one) and found a Fischer Stereo on the side of the road. This is my second post relating to a topic like this, but can anyone tell me if it's worth selling or salvaging, and what quality parts I might find? P.S. My knowledge...
  4. sr13579

    How to use a TDA7052 IC properly?

    After a massive crash on LM386 I moved on to TDA7052. This is a very good IC so far. I want to make sound boxes and sell them. That is why I want to know more info than datasheet if available. I have some questions though: 1. How to secure the connection to reduce noise? 2. How to protect the IC...
  5. Hackpenguin

    A simple 2 key piano

    Here's a simple 2 key piano. It uses a 6v buzzer. Its very simple, the plan was to not use chips or anything that could be hard for soldering. It uses 2 switches that I got from walmart, I then went to SRA Electronics and got a buzzer. It works great, it uses a LED to drop the voltage so it can...
  6. CBB9

    Audio Triggered Switch Help

    I'm hoping someone here can help lead me in the right direction on an experiment of mine. In my car I have an automatic starter that includes a wire that when given the 12v negative connection will trigger the automatic starter. What I would like to do have this negative connection activated...
  7. PoussinViolent

    Custom Car Sound When Cranking The Ignition key, Opening Doors, Ect...

    Hello i have a nissan pulsar NX 1988 and when i open the doors a bell is ringing. So i thought that i could change the sound of the bell with a custom MP3 sound.:woot: ive seen MP3 modules that i could replace the bell with, but i need the sound to be triggered just one time and im not 100%...
  8. U

    Speakers sound pressure level

    Hi all, I'm working on an audio circuit that is really space limited. I purchased miniature 12MM 8 ohm speakers from "no name" brand from aliexpress, these speakers don't have a datasheet. When I activated the circuit the sound is really low- even though the voltage on the speaker is 2V~3V. I...
  9. AndrianStoychev

    Sound Reactive LEDs in portable speaker

    Hi guys im really new to electronics I have some very basic knowledge , I am good at making soldering a schematic but almost no idea what does what and why. Im a DIY fan and love doing some small projects (sound related mostly)like a "Car stereo 2.1 home audio system powered by a PC PSU " and my...
  10. C

    Audio Controlled LED Chaser using Bandpass Filters and RGB LEDs

    Well, I have decided to take on a rather ambitious project to start out my 2016, but I am at a loss on where to start. I know what I want the project to do, and have a decent understanding of what needs to be done, but could use a little guidance in what circuit layouts would work best. I want...

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