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  1. W

    Can’t solder a wire

    Hello Everyone, I am having problems soldering a wire on a LED cob light. I had or though I had it soldered but it keeps coming off one side. The + is sticking so far but the - side will not. Does anyone know of a conductive paste that will work and not cost more than the Chinese chip cost...
  2. Key Ing

    [Stupid Question] Hard drive port detached with motherboard connectors, need help fixing it.

    Hello, First of all, I'm totally inexperienced, and just someone trying to salvage a device if it's doable. I was trying to disconnect the HDD cable out of its port, but the whole thing came off with the connectors still soldered to it. I got some advice telling me it's an easy fix but I'm...
  3. D

    HDMX Jam Micro USB replacement

    Hi Looking for some advice I've got 2 HDMX Jam wireless speakers (HX-P230A) both had a charging fault due to damaged micro USB connector. I've desoldered and replaced one which now works fine. The other speaker has 2 missing board pads for pin 2 & 3, it seems like the 5 pins exit the...
  4. Sergeant_Solder

    Looking for a 3pin surface mount voltage regulator APR3001-15a SOT-23 or equivalent ??

    hello I'm a newb here just made the acct to try and find this voltage regulator,, I can find everything but this one.. its marked 01A and theres a 5 sideways after the number ... type is APR3001-15A sot-23 I need this or something that will do the same if anyone can help that's awesome thank..
  5. A

    I don't have a Soldering iron?

    I'm repairing an HTC Desire 816 that had a broken screen and LCD. I fixed all of that but the battery terminal was some how pulled away from the circuit board. I need to solder the terminal back onto the circuit board in order to charge the phone. However, I don't have a soldering iron. Is there...

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