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solar charger

  1. K

    Solar charge Li-Ion battery pack

    Hello all, First off: let me apologise for my ignorance, this is all new to me.. :wideyed: Recently I bought a set of a 10W solar panel with a 12V 6800MaH battery pack on Ebay advertised as being 'all you need' for a simple solar set up. The battery pack is protected with an over charge...
  2. granddad

    Solar charging

    I am putting together a small solar charge controller, 5w 12v panel 12v 7ah lead gel battery , circuit is similar to the one used here http://www.instructables.com/id/ARDUINO-SOLAR-CHARGE-CONTROLLER-Version-20/ I am using a PIC24FV32KA302 ( not Arduino) the basic prototype works OK , but it...
  3. P

    Buck converter not working as it should

    Hello everyone. I am doing a project in which I use a buck converter to convert high vtg to low vtg. Actually the input to the buck converter is from a solar panel which puts out 560 mA constant current and 34 V. And output is a 12V lead acid battery. The N- Channel mosfet is used at high side...

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