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  1. A

    Does anyone know stuff about TWS QUADRA LASER?

    So my father owns a small company and we make led lights and elevator electronics , we got funding from the government luke 7 years ago and converted our hole business to SMT devices. I have currently ran in a problem a supplier of mine changed the dimensions on a reel i am using and now i...
  2. A

    Inverting Dc

    Hello all , I am working on a project and i've come to a roadblock. I am( just finishing university so please don't hate me ) looking for a component that can "invert" +5V to -5V . The numbers are examples but i am working with similar voltages. I haven't tried logical gates yet but might...
  3. throbscottle


    Inspiration for us all, I think... Maybe someone can translate the subtitles?

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