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  1. O

    What does 'B' means in this datasheet formula?

    Hi everyone I'm not an EE by any means, i guess this could be a simple question but... What does the letter 'B' stands in this datasheet formula? It's found here, page 10 https://www.st.com/resource/en/datasheet/cd00000128.pdf
  2. T

    How to calculate value of a Resistor for a Circuit ?

    Simple LED circuit doubt. Assume : I have a LED with forward voltage of 3.0 V and forward Current of 350mA. With 9V battery, i would be calculating the required Resistance with the Ohms law : R = ( Source Voltage - Forward Voltage) / Forward Current. Here we dont consider the Current Ouput...
  3. Ajith Gopi

    Close circuit on click

    I'm new to electronics and I wanna make a circuit that will start continues connection to another circuit on pulse. In long, If the current circuit gets a pulse, an led (suppose) will glow and will not turn off until the battery is disconnected. I'm planning to make a laser-ldr alarm and don't...

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