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    Can MT8870 DTMF decoder module handles none audible signals?

    Hi great members, I've a question that never been answered. I'd like to use DTMF decoder with 8870 chip but before I order it globally, I tested normal calls between cellphones and no DTMF detected and after some research I got that mobile network is transmitting DTMF as digital signals...
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    I wanna GSM + MCU combo board

    Hi, I need a GSM + MCU combo board for making one POC. Arduino based preferred. Kindly anyone helps me out or suggest some solution for it so looks smaller in size also

    1-Wire sensors randomly failing

    Hi, i'm having a wired problem. I have a custom made telemetry equipment: it consists basically on a pic32 microcontroller (Pinguino board), a SIM900 modem, in I2C 16x2 LCD and a DS2482 1-wire to I2C bridge. The DS2482 chip is connected to a (multiple) DS18B20 temperature sensor 1-wire network...
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    Send email (SSL) with SIM800 or SIM900 GSM Modules

    Hello Has someone been able to send an email with SIM900 or SIM800L modems ? I have SIM800L with firmware B04 that supports SLL. I'm trying to send an email with AT Commands but i always get the error code +SMTPSEND : 62 Can someone show me the commands to success, as a try i would like to...

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