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signal generator

  1. J

    How to build this kit? [AVR DDS Function DDS Signal Generator]

    Hi guys. Recently I have found an electronic kit at home that I bought on eBay some months ago. I have no idea how to start building it because as far I can remember I have not instructions and also no experience at all. I have been searching on my email to know where I bought it and I checked...
  2. C

    assembly code with 16 memory locations, only need 2 locations

    Hi I am new to PIC Assembly coding, But have been using Arduino for a few years now. Any help with the following would be very much appreciated, and help me to understand the code. I have download a freely available .asm file for a signal generator and have the project working on a breadboard...
  3. Kamillas

    Analog Signal Generator Design

    I want to design an Analog Signal (0 to 10V DC) Generator. I am new to circuit design. I need help to design and manufacture this device. It will be very helpful if you can point me in the right direction. I tested this circuit with a Arduino Mega board and generated upto 5V, but the resolution...
  4. J

    Variable high frequency conversion from 50-60 Hz to HF?

    The wall power is rated at 50 to 60 cycles per second. I want to feed a circuit with that energy (50 - 60 Hertz) and obtain a higher frequency output, pure sinusoidal wave. Preferably, it can be tuned from around 100 hertz to 30 kilohertz. The output wattage must be at least 300 watt.

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