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short circuit

  1. R

    Short-Circuit Protection for 3-6 Volts AA Batteries

    I’m looking for a circuit that can protect 3-6 Volts AA Batteries when a short-circuit happens. When the short-circuit happens, a second circuit (LED blinking) must be triggered and the batteries must be protected. The goal is that the LED won’t stop blinking until the short-circuit is undone...
  2. M

    Can improperly removing a Sim card lead to trying the motherboard and/or battery?

    So I had a B)u Life XL phone a couple of years ago. For whatever stupid reason, against .y better judgement I tried to remove thr sim card without taking the battery out. Sort of. It's a dual SIM phone and the main sim slot butts up against the battery, and it has to come out to insert and...
  3. A

    CAN transceiver internal circuitry working

    I was just trying to understand the CAN transceiver TJA1042T behavior during fault conditions: CANH short to BATT CANH short to GND CANL short to BATT CANL short to GND I'm powering on the transceiver IC and giving the TXD signal from the signal generator (a 0-5V square wave) and I'm...
  4. Gabriel Sá Pinto

    Methods of inducing short circuits

    Hello everyone, I'm here with a dilemma regarding a company project. We have a developed software defined radio with 2 separate boards ( one for data, one for power) shielded by a metal case (top, bottom and between boards). We're on a milestone that requires us to develop test procedures for...
  5. RobertaME

    24vdc to 12vdc converter

    So normally I can solve most electronics problems on my own, but this one has me puzzled and I created this account to see if anyone else has some thoughts. I have a 24-26vdc power source that checks for short circuits on the load line before applying full power by using a 3vdc testing voltage...
  6. budget minded

    negative terminal corrosion AND now amp's distorting and cutting out with new speakers

    i have a system that consists of a 12 volt 18 amp hour battery, a planet audio BB1200.4 class D 4 channel amp, a JBL GT5-15 sub in free air, and a battery tender charger. at first, i was using proel flash 8p mini PA speakers as mains, but tonight, i hooked up a brand new pair of JBL Northridge...

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