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  1. Z

    MPX10DP Differential Pressure Sensor Open Box

    The MPX10 series silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors provide a very accurate and linear voltage output, directly proportional to the applied pressure. Wheas, the MPX10DP is a dual-port uncompensated silicon Pressure Sensor for environmental control systems and level indicators. Come and see...
  2. Z

    How to add up analogue inputs to average them?

    Hi, I would like to read a sensor (acs712) a number of times (20), add them all up, then divide them by the number of reads. So I can get an average. to give me a sort of analogue "debounce". Am I guessing the sum function? I sincerely appreciate any advice you can all give me, I'm incredibly...
  3. Willen

    Is this burned or normal? (858D hot air gun temp sensor)

    Hi, I recently bought a cheap hot air gun rework station. Maybe Chinese clone of 858D. I recently knew that the 858D is one of the popular rework station around the world. Just using it few hours, now shows "732" or "733" few seconds then shows "H-E"or "S-E". Device is not working. Sometime it...
  4. L

    SPI Communication with a LIS2DE12 Accelerometer

    Hi! I am trying to establish a SPI communication with an LIS2DE12 accelerometer. First, I would like to say that I have checked phase, polarity, msbFirst and CS. I am using an EM9304 as the master of the communication, and the spi clock frequency is aproppriated. Writing or reading from the...
  5. O

    UART or I2C sensor version?

    Hello! The tfmini is an IR lidar sensor. There is a UART and an I2C version, quite at the same price. For my project, I need 2 tfmini hooked up to an Arduino UNO with a +/- 1m cable. I've been doing some tests with 2 tfmini UART versions and it works fine following the example...
  6. E

    Speed Signal Booster - low pulse to high

    Hi I need help to boost low pulse to high. I have a sensor which detects no of pulses per second. For some vehicle it couldn't detect it is a low pulse signal. Please suggest some circuite which can boost the signal.
  7. M

    Ideas to detect when someone is trying to detach an object firmly attached?

    I'm designing a tracker for assets. I want your suggestions to implement into the circuit a method to detect when someone is trying to remove the tracker. I was thinking of surrounding the board with touch pads all around the edges of the board but I guess that would be very sensitive to noise...
  8. S

    Draw-wire sensor- Where to find?

    Hi, I'm looking for a linear displacement draw-wire, but I cannot seem to find any for purchase online. Does anyone have any links as to where to look? Been googling for a good hour, and all I can find are heavy industrial-draw wires. I need one that has a range between 600 cm - 1 m. Thanks!
  9. E

    Question about wearable device with wifi connection

    Hi! I'm trying to build a wearable device with wifi connection, but I cant find any which is small enough to wear as a bracelet. My objective is to use a heart beat sensor on this device, connect it to the internet and send it to my database. Any suggestions? Right now I'm using ESP32
  10. R

    distinguish between plastic and glass

    Hello everyone . I am working on a project, and I stuck in one part, concerning, how to distinguish between plastic and glass, and papers if possible. what kind of sensors can I use in this case. thank you in advance
  11. Lin4Fun

    IFC Engine- & enviroment analog sensordata to NME2000 bus through Teensy3.6 (marine application)

    Hello, I am working on a DIY project to interface a lot of signals to a NMEA2000 bus to be able to controle an older analog engine and other sensors with a new multi function display. To do so I am using Arduino / Teensy microcontroller together with a NMEA2K library. I started to design the...
  12. Vini77

    Circuit review please

    Hi guys, this is my first post here. I expect to be just the beginning. I don't have a background in electronics but completely apaixonado right now. Also, this is my first 'project' and I am here to learn. Sorry in advance by the completely dumb questions. Lets go. First, I am looking to...
  13. A

    Current Sensor threshold and monitoring

    Hi all I am using the following current sensor: http://uk.farnell.com/lem/hais-400-...meResp=All&searchView=table&iscrfnonsku=false Datasheet: http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/51649.pdf?_ga=1.141388658.194281532.1473847905 I will be measuring currents in the range of 500A to -500A, and I...
  14. F

    32 Channel Strain Sensor Data Acquistion

    Hi guys, Lovely community here. So i got into the bandwagon of the ESP32. I am planning to build an entire data acquisition built around the ESP32. Would really appreciate it much if i were to get help from all of you. It would be a learning experience for all of us. So basically here are my...
  15. throbscottle

    Directional sensor?

    I was pondering it would be cool to create a, lets call it a "toy" and suppose it's a bear or a doll or something, which can detect passers by and turn it's head as though it's watching them. Ok maybe it's just creepy. Is there some kind of sensor, or way of making a sensor, which can detect...
  16. Clarkdale44

    Cheap AC clamp meter reading DC current?

    Hello As the title states, my ac only cheap clamp meter is reading dc currents when i am charging battery bank through an inverter... My inverter is rated to charge 12v 150Ah battery at 16 amps and during charging when i put the clamp meter on the red battery charging cable, the meter shows...
  17. NickF

    RIR Sensor with ~3ft detection capability?

    Question for you sensor experts... I'm looking to do a project that would involve detecting when an item passes through a doorway near ground level (~6 inches above ground level). Doing a bit of research it looks like a reflective infrared sensor would do the trick ... only issue I have come...
  18. savaslt

    Very interesting device development (projector, camera, wireless charging, fingerprint all-in-one)

    Hey! I just registred here several moments ago because I am currently working on my own project and I've got a lot of questions on electronics, sensors, gadgets right now because the project requires a lot of knowledge in it but unfortunately I don't have, so I came here. Let's move on the...
  19. MikeMl

    20 Revolution Position Sensor?

    (Also posted to AAC.) I am building an Arduino-controlled remote L-C antenna tuning network with a motorized inductor and capacitor on a common shaft. I have a 99uH roller-inductor that takes 20 revolutions of a 0.25" shaft to adjust the inductance from ~1uH to 99uH. Total travel of the shaft...

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