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  1. E

    Proper way to probe RF signal using a scope

    Hi everyone. - A 10x probe is meant to isolate the circuit from the scope as much as posible (using pasive probes), but the problem is the impedance mismatch (a 50 ohm termination at the scope input is not enough). - A 1x probe is not 50 ohm, and has low bandwitdh. - so it seems that a simple...
  2. g2c

    Hobbyist Oscilloscope

    Hello, sorry if it had been asked before. I am looking for a portable little scope but with a screen readable without magnifying glasses. Was thinking if 4" minimum with min analog bw in the order of 1MHz, 2 chans. Any recommendations for a reliable solution? Thanks in advance for your time
  3. riccardo

    Measuring the energy in a pulse

    How might someone go about measuring the energy discharge in an electrical pulse? For example, if a capacitor is discharged into a resistor, you can trace this electrical pulse on a scope in terms of voltage or current. You can also calculate the energy using 1/2CV^2. However, if the capacitor...
  4. E

    Measure 500V DC with digital scope and 100:1 probe

    Hello everyone. As this is a safety issue, and I'm not sure, I would like to ask instead of experimenting. Most digital scopes state a maximum input voltage of 300 V RMS. I want to make some quick measurements on a live tube amp circuit and its power supply, which may go a little bit over that...
  5. P

    Which oscilloscope is suitable DSO203 or Hantek 6022BE

    Hello. I want to buy an oscilloscope. I am confused between DSO203 and 6022BE. Also budget is an issue. Consider following points- I'm designing a 3 PH inverter. The 6 SPWM signals generated at 16Khz are fed to 3 half bridge IGBTs. Now I want to measure the 3 Phase output of the inverter and...

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