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  1. A

    How do I interface a pic24 with a rs232 barcode reader?

    I have a pic24FJ1024GB10 explorer board, and a brand new LS2208 barcode scanner. The barcode scanner outputs 5V. Im trying to read the serial rs233 signal using only the ground, tx, rx, pins from the barcode reader with no success. I have analyzed the signal coming from the barcode reader using...
  2. deliad

    Broke my plotter's rs232 db9 female wires, need rewire help pls

    Hi, I have a chinese plotter cutting machine which communicates via rs232 db9 port Yesterday i accidently brike the connectors and with my bad luck the wires disconnected too. This plotter is totally ubranded and the board inside doesn't have any model or brand written. The board side of the...

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