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rms value measurement

  1. mading2018

    Output current from MOSFETS (bridge) before trafo?

    I having a concern about the what kind of current that I have after the MOSFETs (in the transistor bridge) before transformer. Before the MOSFETS I have a DC current from an AC/DC converter stage. So I am a bit confused if the current before the transformer is average, peak-to-peak or RMS...
  2. mading2018

    Change the current from a voltage source?

    So what I understand so far, if I want to have 16 A out from a voltage source (230 V RMS) which is 325.269 V in amplitude (peak), can I simply add an resistor in parallel to achieve that? R = 325.269 V / 16 A = 20.329 ohm Do you think guys if I am on the right track? So if I am want simply to...
  3. K

    dsPIC33F to measure RMS value of current

    Hi I am using a dsPIC33F micro to measure energy drawn from a battery. The battery is connected in a solar energy system. The output of a MPPT controller charges the battery during the day and in the night it is fed to a sine wave inverter that drives AC loads. The battery current is measured...

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