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  1. Holes Flow

    How to trigger my DS1054Z with a DG1022Z sweep?

    Experts, Objective/Goal: I have these 2 critters, and I want to use the scope as a poor-man's SA for just audio (up to 20kHz). Desired: I will set up a sine sweep on the DG, and feed it to the DS. But I want the scope to trigger on the start (lowest freq) of the sweep each time. This way, I...
  2. Mosaic

    Rigol DSA815 EMI & Quasi peak detector license

    Hi all: Ebay item: 131694976458 Used for pre compliance EMC testing etc. Identify you're from ETO if u make an offer and you get preferential consideration!:) Also, if sold to ETO member..ETO gets 5% donation of sale price.:joyful:

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